As the new year of 22 rolls in, I’m feeling it’s the right time to share my personal journey over the last year of my life. I suffered a freak fire accident in my home and had to be Airlifted to Burn Center.

After being admitted, I was in a coma for 2 weeks with severe burns. Thankfully I survived this incredibly unexpected, life-altering experience but I did not come out unscathed. Since then I’ve undergone 11 painful surgeries and more to come. However, no other singular moment in my life other than my fathers passing, also due to fire, has taught me as much about the value of life than this one.

I’ve learned that in life we cannot foresee when something out of our control will occur, but making something beautiful out of it is in our hands if we do choose to. So I have chosen to dedicate the last two years of my recovery to creating a new collection in my fashion line - Pierre La Flame - that will donate a percentage of its proceeds to the trauma center that saved my life!

I am more motivated and enthusiastic about my second chance at life than ever and I hope my story encourages you to live life at your utmost potential no matter your circumstances! If you’re above ground, please make the absolute most of it!

Never Give Up!

Check out my new collection and donate whatever you’d like in honor of other burn victims all over the world. 

Thank you to every single family member and friends who held me down in the last year! God bless you all!